Milos Island

Milos clean lines

Clean lines, crisp contrast, adventure, relaxation and a truly unique experience.

Welcome to Milos!

This island has barely been touched by tourism so don't expect a big tourism infrastructure that is highly commercialized.  This is the simple life with genuine hospitality and pricing that dates back to the 1990's - when you were able to get good value for your money.

Milos waters

This is where the Venus de Milo (Aphrodite of Milos) was found. A horse shoe shaped island with magnificent protected forests and wetlands, and one of the few places you will find Obsidian, incredible beaches and great trails for hiking or biking.

Milos Town
Adamas Milos



“Adamas,” is the main port town of Milos.


“Plaka” (also known as Chora) is the Island’s capital.


Both are located in the northwestern corner of the island. We recommend both for dinner and nightlife. 

Plaka Milos walking
Plaka Milos
Pollonia Beach
Map of Milos Island


  • The fishing village within a few minutes walk of several great hotels.
  • Great little restaurants, shops and cafes
  • Beach and Resort/Boutique hotel

Recommended for your stay

Milos Breeze location
milos breeze reception
milos breeze pool
Milos breeze pool view
milos breeze doorway
milos breeze suite2

What to see and do on Milos???

Medusa Restaurant Bar
Utopia Cafe, Plaka, Milos

Day Trips

Our driver can take you out for the day,  you can rent a car, or...

Why not consider a boat tour for the day?